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Replay : Le journal du 24 novembre présenté par Géniale Attoumani

2021.11.29 05:57 Nohan07 Replay : Le journal du 24 novembre présenté par Géniale Attoumani

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2021.11.29 05:57 moneymaker991 How was the transatlantic cable connected?

In 1858 they had the first transatlantic cable between England and America. But how did the connect a cable that long? Did they just have it underwater? Was it hanging over the ocean? Was it just like a huge long wire under water or did they have some process to have it secure safely under the ocean?
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2021.11.29 05:57 This-Palpitation-380 Battle 200 in fatal Earthream guys you must see that is you are stuck with fire God Liu Kang star plz whatch my video plz I got the same reward like you

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2021.11.29 05:57 Sinishift Lombardi sucks, yes, but is he really the reason we're losing?

We dug ourselves a hole early in the Broncos game, and yes, this is because Lombardi can't call a game for shit when we're not letting Herbert just sling the ball. And yeah, with better play calling early, we definitely should have won this game, but look back at where we definitively lost the game.
1st and 10 at the Denver 37, with 7:28 left to play in the 4th. We were down by 14, so we had to get a touchdown here, and despite an incompletion to Jared Cook, we were rolling on this drive: 7 yd completion, 13 yard completion, and an 18 yard completion in quick succession. On the next play, Herbert throws short to Ekeler with a lot of room in front of him; it's at least a 5 yard gain, but if Ekeler makes a man miss like we know he can do, that's a first down and then some. Instead, Ekeler tips the ball, and Surtain picks it off, returning it for a touchdown.
... Yet another drop.
The Chargers lead the league in dropped passes with 22 on the season (not sure if that includes Sunday's game where I counted 3+). That's twice as many drops as half the teams in the league. Last year, the only player we had who had a number of noticeable drops was Jalen Guyton. This year it seems our entire receiving core is afflicted by the same ball dropping issue, even Keenan Allen, one of the best receivers in the league and Austin Ekeler, possibly the best receiving back in the league.
Even if there's a problem with how our receivers coach Chris Beatty or even Joe Lombardi have the team practice catching balls, it's not like our star players are going to forget how to catch the ball. Since we're talking about something that affects all of our receivers equally, I can only think of two possibilities. The first is that Justin Herbert is being coached to put more pace on the ball (because remember, this wasn't an issue last season with a rookie Justin Herbert). We do have a new QB coach in Shane Day, so this is certainly a possibility. The second is that the team got new gloves and they're garbage. Yeah it's some conspiracy bullshit, but that's one of the best guesses I have.
Regardless, we had multiple drops this week, and in a number of our losses (and wins) we had some pretty crucial drops as well. I'm not even talking about drops on contested balls, but ones where our receivers are wide open. If our receivers actually make these catches, I think our record could be improved by at least 2 wins, again, despite Lombardi's lack of play calling ability.
So, yeah, Lombardi's the easy scapegoat for our offensive ineptitude, but we should still be winning games. Reminds me of Chargers fans blaming Michael Badgley for losses despite the coaches being the ones who blew leads in the first place causing us to rely on Badgley to salvage the game. I'll take this time to make my obligatory weekly remark about how Badgley still has not missed since joining the Colts (10/10 FGs, 28/28 XPs).
Anyway, we definitely should look at scraping Lombardi as our OC, but the main point I'm making is that we might have to dig deeper before our offense is truly in optimal form.
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2021.11.29 05:57 Ok-Acanthaceae4496 💰 Cardanomics | 1st ADA rewards with Rebase and BuyBack project 🚀 Audited, American Developers, Enormous Marketing Action Plan!!!

💰With revolutionary tokenomics, Cardanomics ensures an amazing source of passive income for holders.
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🚀 BuyBacks are used to keep the chart green and going in the right direction
🔒 Audited by the reputable firm RugFreeCoin

💎 Tokenomics:
- Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
- Marketing: 1% for perennial exposure to new investors
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- BuyBacks: 1% strategically used to keep the chart in the gree
- Rewards: 7% automatically distributed to holders every 1 hours

Verified Contract: 0x7a0788bd05ec264b7c146399e08f51b09c1aa19d
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LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x5DD782C3cB790268adaD45192e3b5Ec1E6ed2833
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x7a0788bd05ec264b7c146399e08f51b09c1aa19d#readContract
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2021.11.29 05:57 Flavius_David Brentford Spurs

Great News! Brentford Spurs it will be live on TV in my homecountry Romania. I don't know about England tho.
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2021.11.29 05:57 _lhz- How are RCs created?

How are Research Chemicals created, I mean how do chemists find a new psychoactive chemical not how they are made/synthesized.
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2021.11.29 05:57 cale11664222 I’m asking the girl I’ve been talking to if we can start dating but I don’t know how to ask

I’m a 14 y/o boy and I told my crush that I liked her and she told me she liked me back but we agreed to get to know each other better before dating. I’ve gotten to know her really well and since thanksgiving break is over for me I’m gonna ask her out on Monday after my school day, but I don’t know how to ask her if we can start dating. I already know what I’m gonna say before I ask her if we can start dating I just don’t know how to ask “can we start dating” without it sounding random if that makes any sense. Like how am I supposed to word it out. I don’t really know how to describe what I’m trying to ask but if anyone understands please help
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2021.11.29 05:57 Damshmello attac 😌

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2021.11.29 05:57 AshesOnReddit This is unbelievable

This is unbelievable I was heavily investing in Baruuk
I had forma'd him and his fists 12 times
I was confused why I couldn't fit a full build
Turns out..
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2021.11.29 05:57 Remote-Award-3472 Looking For Single Female Room ( Ac / No Ac is fine ! )

hi !! looking for single room for female and no preference for any hall locations !! I’m good with no AC and no toilet as well 😀😀 anyone leaving next sem / renting out , please lmk thank uuu !!!
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2021.11.29 05:57 bobcat Jeffrey Epstein’s Companion, Ghislaine Maxwell, Goes on Trial

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2021.11.29 05:57 CJ-Md-1515 Here are two new tanks from Gunner

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2021.11.29 05:57 bobcat An Auto Show for the Raddest Cars of the ’80s and ’90s

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2021.11.29 05:57 niuz-bot Falimentul City Insurance: Peste 1000 de români vor primi luni despăgubiri de peste 2,3 milioane de lei / Despăgubirile cerute până acum sunt estimate la peste 100 milioane de euro - [Economie][Asigurari]

Păgubiții City Insurance încep luni să-și primească sumele solicitate în baza dosarelor de daună deschise la acest asigurător intrat în procedură de faliment. Este vorba de peste 2,3 milioane de lei pentru 1.003 de cereri de plată. Fondul de Garantare a Asiguraților (FGA) a primit până la 26 noiembrie 2021 68.931 cereri de plată precum și 35.687 cereri de deschidere de dosare.
Citeste in continuare: https://economie.hotnews.ro/stiri-pensii_private-25211871-falimentul-city-insurance-peste-1000-romani-vor-primi-luni-despagubiri-peste-2-3-milioane-lei-despagubirile-cerute-pana-acum-sunt-estimate-peste-100-milioane-euro.htm
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2021.11.29 05:57 Jooliib12 Thinking about death?

I am not suicidal by all means. I am happy and well off but do you ever wonder what life would be like if you were dead. In a way of wondering how your friends and family would react to your death? I always wonder this at times, like seeing it from a 3rd perspective and observing what emotions and actions come to play if I passed abruptly.
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2021.11.29 05:57 bobcat Can New York Really Get to 100% Clean Energy by 2040?

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2021.11.29 05:57 navayan Buddhist of india wants to know if you are aware of the newly emerging buddhists in india.

Are you guys aware of Buddhists of Maharashtra, India?
That they were Buddhist but were forced out of it and forgot about it.
Do you know that Maharastra has Hundreds of stone carved Ancient Buddhist caves?
Do you know that Bodhisatva Babasaheb Ambedkar asked new Buddhists of India to seek help for the betterment,from other Buddhist countries?
Just want to know your information of newly emerging Buddhism in India?

About me :
I am a religious Buddhist minority of India. we as a community were nagvanshi and Buddhist.
My son 9 yr old name is Samyak, I am showing him all these caves and knowing myself about ancient Buddhism in India, Maharastra with direct carved evidence.These evidence are so , so abundant that yes this was Buddhist country .
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2021.11.29 05:57 No-Cabinet-4636 Would it be useful knowing ios dev and web dev?

I've learned and have experience with building full-stack web apps for a little over a year now with react and flask. I was wondering if it be worth knowing how to build ios apps for the sake of gaining some experience and make myself more marketable? I also have an interest in building ios apps so that's y but idk if it be worth my time to do that or just learn more about web dev. Fyi, I'm a 3rd year college student so I have alot of time
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2021.11.29 05:57 bobcat As Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial Begins, Epstein’s Shadow Looms Large

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2021.11.29 05:57 bobcat Spelling Bee Forum

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2021.11.29 05:57 Sam_Olepka Dneska jsme dostali dżusík🤣

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2021.11.29 05:57 SubstantialTaro8851 They’re gone

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2021.11.29 05:57 vyleeh Bookstores that sell English manga

I'm visiting Stockholn and I was wondering if there are bookstores that have English manga? 😀
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2021.11.29 05:57 Disisagudname Problem with installing gta 5 with fitgirl repack

Problem with installing gta 5 with fitgirl repack I just checked and it says this, do I need to download the whole thing again or only the one file who has the error?
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