Can’t swap

2021.11.29 06:37 ogsaintlaurent Can’t swap

i’ve been trying to swap ethereum to klee kai but it keeps showing confirm swap every time i click it does anybody know why?
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2021.11.29 06:37 FeelingExpensive156 Messy situation

I met a guy I was dating casually for about 3 weeks before I fucked up epically. I got blackout drunk and hooked up with a guy who later turned out to be a friend from a guy I was dating. We both weren't aware they knew eachother.
I was a mess and disgusted with myself. Guy I was dating reached out a few days after that happened with a pasive aggresive message to let me know he knows everything. He acted like everything was fine and like it isn't a big deal but we haven't talked in a month after that. I knew he was hurt by my actions.
A month later, I randomly ran into him while I was out with my friends. He was excited to see me and I decided to apologize in person and to tell him my side of a story - that I was blackout drunk and didn't have any control over my behaviour and that I feel terrible about it still. He was kinda mad at first and irritated that I'm even mentioning it but eventually accepted my apology and said that we weren't official or anything so he practically doesn't have a right to be mad about it but that it did kinda hurt him. Long story short, we ended up making out and he slept over at my place. We haven't heard in 2 weeks after that and I saw on social media that he went out of town to visit his mom. I thought it was over between us and that he just used me for sex one last time, so I decided to move on from this mess.
But on Saturday afternoon, he reached out and told me he came back to our town and that he would like to hang out with me if I'm free. He came over at my place and I said to him i didn't expect we would hear from each other again. He asked me why did I think that and said he wanted to reach out earlier but he isn't big on texting so he waited to come back so we could talk in person. We cuddled and watched movies and it was really a beautiful evening.
My question is - do you think he's genuine or just using me for sex and affection? When I'm with him I don't get bad vibes but my friends are telling me to be careful. Him and I have a great chemistry and I think that is why it's so hard to get away from eachother. I'd like to think this will be a new beginning for us but I wonder about what you guys think or if anyone was in a similar situation.
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2021.11.29 06:37 PerryK95 Loot changes?

I’ve been laying since launch but quit the game at CT11. Now I’ve come back with the NH update and am having fun. I’ve noticed something though. I’ve been at CT14-15 for a few days and I’ve gotten only 2 legendary weapon drops. I’ve gotten 30 plus armor drops though. I keep getting death proof and seismic commander set pieces. Even when I try the random drop option in the shop I still only have gotten duplicates. Is this a bug/ affecting anyone else? I just want to get new stuff and I thought they said dupes were unlikely now. What’s going on?
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2021.11.29 06:37 hyperkid137 211129 Marie Claire Korea with Soobin on Instagram @ Chanel Holiday

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2021.11.29 06:37 sang233 C'est donc ça un desert ?

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2021.11.29 06:37 Previous-Payment1684 20 year old bosnian

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2021.11.29 06:37 LeagueOfRiotBot Blaber's Crabbers vs Bwingpo / NA In-House Tournament Finals / Post-Match Discussion [PhreakRiot]

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2021.11.29 06:37 ElitenMaster Flag of getting outjerked again

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2021.11.29 06:37 XxDiCaprioxX Carlin was a legend

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2021.11.29 06:37 pinat01 How do u deal with parents na hoarders?

Andami na gamit at junk sa bahay tas nasstress ako every time may bibilin nanaman sila tas di magagamit. Dati yung mama ko naghoard ng mga rattan baskets na ngayon nakatambak nalang. Yung papa ko 30-40 pairs ata ng shoes tas di naman nagagamit.
Maganda ang bahay namin pero sobrang daming gamit kaya hindi na maganda sa paningin. At ngayon magpapasko, nagiisip kami ng mga kapatid ako ano ireregalo sakanila, lalo ko narealize na meron na sila lahat ng kailangan at gusto nila, sobra sobra pa.
Kunyari 4 lang kami dito sa bahay, pero ang baso namin 20+. Ganung klase haha.
Ako kasi sinusubukan ko na hindi maghoard. Kwarto ko ang pinakamaluwag na space sa bahay kahit eto ang pinakamaliit na kwarto kasi ayoko na marami akong possessions. Kung ano lang ang kailangan ko, at siguro onting mga gusto. Pero maluwag at maaliwalas parin.
Ayan magpapasko nanaman, mapupuno nanaman ng mga gamit yung bahay namin. Gets ko naman na hindi sila lumaki ng mayaman. Kaya ngayun nakaluwag kami, pag may gusto sila, bibilin agad. :(
Gusto ko na sabihin sakanila na before new year sana, mag declutter sila ng gamit kasi ang pangit na tignan. Bawat sulok may nakalagay. Lahat nang pwde pagpatungan, puno ng gamit. :((
Eto rin ang rason bakit gusto ko na magmove out pero hindi rin naman praktikal sa panahon ngayon.
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2021.11.29 06:37 Cyberpunk69- Anyone getting downloading errors while using Whatsapp?

Ever since my Phone got updated, I cant view status and cant download the media that is being sent to me on Whatsapp. Any help?
My device is Mi11x/Poco F3/Redmi K40
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2021.11.29 06:37 Patrick_Ryan_82 [HM] Who's a Good Boy?

The Osborn Institute is a research organization that examines scientific phenomena that have the potential to improve the lives of all humanity.
The most well-known research study involved a hair gel called Pomade Number 9; when applied, it instantly makes you fall in love with the next person you see. It was revolutionary; it was seen as the primary factor in the 2042 Middle East peace talks, when Muhammad Yasser, president of the Palestine National Council, fell in love with Israeli President Yitzhak Weitsman and vice versa. They currently have a charming one-bedroom apartment in Tuscany. When the gel was ultimately released to the public, it was a disaster. Kathy Melman of Brooklyn, New York, sued the corporation after falling in love with her Manx Cat, quitting her job, and spending the rest of the cat's life serving at its every whim. When the cat did not return the affection, Kathy went crazy and had to be institutionalized. If that wasn't enough to end the product run, the company was sued again when Leroy Jones accidentally looked in the mirror after applying the hair gel and fell in love with himself. He lived the rest of his life as an extreme narcissist; when his friends and loved ones could no longer stand him and left, he sued for making him too gorgeous.
The Osborn Institute reappeared a decade later when they inadvertently created a suntan lotion that compelled you to devote your entire life to the sun god Ra. The lotion appeared to be innocuous until Constance Bartholomew of northern Alaska applied it instead of moisturizer one day during the six months of darkness. She became depressed instantly, abandoned her husband, children, and the home she had lived in her entire life, and relocated to the equator. There were no legal difficulties until Constance discovered that the suntan lotion only had a 5 SPF UV protection rating. Her skin had aged ten years after a year of worshiping the sun god. She sued because the lotion had cost her the opportunity to become a model.
This is where our story begins; the Osborne Institute would do anything for a successful product. Unbeknownst to them, they are on the verge of discovering the next great human invention.
Dr. Franklin Abbott bursts into the laboratory.
"We did it, we did it, the world will never be the same!" Dr. Abbott says.
Dr. Amy Sexton jumps up from her chair and tries to calm him.
"Come on, man," Dr. Sexton says, "we've heard this before; let's not jump to conclusions."
"I hold in my hand an enema. An enema that, when inserted, relieves all forms of depression in humans," Dr. Abbott says.
"This could be big; show me the research trial," Dr. Sexton says as Dr. Abbott leads her into research lab number 24.
There are ten patients in the lab, all of which are petting their domestic animals, which include dogs, cats, pigs, hamsters, and so on. They are all smiling and appear to be quite happy.
"What exactly am I seeing at here?" Dr. Sexton asks.
"Can't you see, the enema causes people to want to stroke their pets, and when they do, happiness ensues," Dr. Abbott explains.
"We've known for a long time that pets make people happy," Dr. Sexton says.
"These aren't just any individuals; they're from the Ridgewood phycological lockdown, and they're the world's most depressed people! They can live active and joyful lives with this enema," Dr. Abbot says.
"But what happens when they have to go to work or their pets no longer want to be stroked?" Dr. Sexton asks.
"Don't be ridiculous; when have you ever heard of a pet refusing to be stroked?" Dr. Abbott says.
"However," Dr. Sexton points out, "they can't bring their pets everywhere."
"I'm way ahead of you, pet statues!" Dr. Abbott says as he presses a button, causing the patients to stop stroking their pets and start stroking statues of their pets. Their smiles remained unbroken.
Dr. Sexton puts her palm to her forehead.
"Just when I think you're an idiot and your invention is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life, you do this... and completely redeem yourself!" Dr. Sexton exclaims.
"I'm calling it, who's a good boy? It's a suppository!" Dr. Abbott says.
"We can workshop the name; when do you expect it to be ready for production?" Dr. Sexton asks.
"It can be ready right away, the user simply has to insert the enema once every 10 minutes for the rest of their lives, and everyone will be happy as clams," Dr. Abbott says.
"I'm sorry, but did I understand you correctly? A user administers three thousand enemas per week, has to purchase a large and inconvenient statue of their pet, and then has to stop their life every ten minutes to stick a tube up their ass?" Dr. Sexton asks.
"You think it's too much, don't you? I knew you'd think it was too much. The price of happiness is too high; let's scrap the whole program," Dr. Abbott says, disappointed.
"Ah, wait," Dr. Sexton adds, "we can find a way to make this work."
"You like it; you really liked it?" Dr. Abbott asks.
"I have one in my butt right now," Dr. Sexton says, petting a giraffe statue.
"Let's go make the world a better place!" Dr. Abbott exclaims.
"Who's a Good Boy? It's a Suppository!" would go on to sell millions before the company was sued once again—this time by a dog in Eugene, Oregon, who was not a fan of tummy rubs.
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2021.11.29 06:37 309-baby How 0% Tax on my Taxable Stock Gains work?

How can one possibly pay no income tax on realized gain from stocks?
Can a single person for calendar year 2021 with following situation qualify or plan for zero tax bill on capital gains? If yes how?
1- Unemployment income: $18,240 2- ordinary job income: $20,000 3- loss on llc business: -$5,000 4- two adult dependents:
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2021.11.29 06:37 BLADE_RUNNER_42069 Anybody else curious about the direction they’ll take with Jace Fox as the new Batman? Specifically in regards to his potential rogues gallery?

Not tryin to dig into a whole slew of opinions regarding the character or whether the future state stuff is good or not as far as character development, but I feel like a great hero is in part defined by the villains he goes up against and we haven’t gotten a good look at anybody you could argue is a proper foil. My question is: who could we expect to fill the role of a joker type adversary to Jace and what would that look like?
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2021.11.29 06:37 New_Raise5881 High Latency (AUS)

Is anyone else getting about 400+ ping and being kicked out of games? I play other games online and im fine but woth halo I keep getting "loss of packets data" or "unstable latency" and I get booted.
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2021.11.29 06:37 bordoisse THORChain - Finding Renewed Success Through Aligned Incentives

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2021.11.29 06:37 Trunurpura Spoiler WNC450+ LNP4 Questions About Magic, Blessings and Ferdinand

Would someone be kind enough to remind me when Ferdinand participated in the ritual to get his blessings? The one where people become absolute magic chads.
Apparently the rituals have been moved constantly throught the years depending on the curricula and the mana availability. Rosemyne got her stape and blessings in the first year, while Richarda got them at the last(5).
Was it the third year for Ferdinand? If I'm not wrong the ritual is done in the first year due to the mana shortage that the civil war caused. Also, how did he manage to get so many blessings? The only real way to get them is by praying, it makes sense for Rosemayne to have that many since she has been praying in the temple and doing rituals for years, but Ferdinand didn't join the temple until after he left the Academy.
If it was on the fifth year then I could somewhat understand, as he would have enough time to pray. But then, how come there was a period when his mana was as un unruly as Rosemyne's, if he got his stape at the last year, he shouldn't have had any problems controlling his mana as his stave would be the correct size.
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2021.11.29 06:37 BaqupTQ Liv Ponton - coming and going

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2021.11.29 06:37 Sheet-Music-Library A Conversation with Igor Stravinsky with Robert Craft (recorded in 1957)...

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2021.11.29 06:37 T3knikal95 Poor people are really being made to feel guilty by the rich for the system screwing them up and not paying them what they are worth

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2021.11.29 06:37 kirby1997 Banano listed on Hotbit

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2021.11.29 06:37 VegetableAd1385 بیمولا😂

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2021.11.29 06:37 exynios This server is supposedly shutting down or it already did. I'm pretty sure I found posts saying this server is P2W, so, GG I guess?

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2021.11.29 06:37 _pope1 Does anyone know what shoes these are? Much appreciated

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2021.11.29 06:37 Gold_Definition_216 Select graphic gard for modeling

Hello Folks,
I am planning to buy a new PC for video editing & modeling .
I am hesitating between rtx 3060 & rtx 3080... the RTX3080 is pretty expensive at the moment compared to the rtx 3060. I wonder if the 3060 would do me most of the job or I should really invest in the 3080 even if it much costy?
What are your thoughts guy?
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